Update 1.0.7 for PC/Mac: Sharper Graphics, More Languages & AlienFX

We have a few exciting things lined up for you in our first post-launch update for the PC/Mac version of The Counting Kingdom!  You can find the game on Steam or the Humble Store.

More Languages 
You can now cast a spell, lanza un hechizo, or even wirke den zauber! The Counting Kingdom can now be played in these languages: 

  • English 
  • French 
  • Spanish 
  • Italian 
  • German 
  • Brazilian Portuguese 
  • Russian 
  • Simplified Chinese 
  • Japanese

You can access the language settings through the main menu on the title screen. 


Sharper Graphics 
Those colorful monsters should now look nice and crisp, even on big screens! 

If you have an Alienware computer, The Counting Kingdom will now control the lights! Here you thought the game couldn't get any more colorful.  

Updated UI and Bug Fixes 
The UI and game menus have seen a small overhaul, and some minor bugs have been thoroughly squashed. 


We hope you enjoy the new updates - let us know what you think!

- The Little World Team

Trading cards are live!

The monsters have jumped out of the game and into your Steam account - trading cards are now live! With monster and magic-filled trading cards, badges, profile background and emoticons, you'll be able to share your love for The Counting Kingdom in a whole new way.

Share your badge progress with us on the forums!

Thanks as always,
Jenna and the Little Worlds Team

PS - Big update to the game coming soon!

Optimization and Balancing: 0.8.3 Update

We have a brand new build to celebrate America's birthday today! It may not have eagles or fireworks or flags, but we think you'll enjoy it all the same. Here's what's new: 


This new build is smaller and faster. We pulled out unused scripts and images, reorganized our atlases, and reduced file sizes. The most noticeable part of this will be that the build size is now half what it used to be! 


In playtesting we were finding that the last regions in the game (the Polar Plains and Polygon Peak) were frying people's brains. We've reigned in the difficulty a bit there so that the game is more enjoyably challenging instead of brain-melting. The largest monster you'll come across is now 15 instead of 20. 

Monster Reordering

The monsters were put into the game before we even had a world map, so there was no real connection between what the monsters looked like and where they'd show up in the game. The monster order has been reshuffled a bit so that the region where you'll first encounter a monster makes more sense. 

We hope you enjoy the new updates! As always, please let us know if you have any thoughts or problems in the Steam forums

The Little Worlds Interactive team

Doubling Tiles & New Menus: 0.8.2 Update

We’re excited to unveil a new feature that’s going to change the way you think about the later levels! Say hello to the..

Doubling Tile

Counting Kingdom, math game, doubling tile

You’ll encounter this tile for the first time in the Wizard Woods, and it will appear randomly in levels through the rest of the game.  Watch out, because when a monster steps onto this tile its number will be doubled!  Keep your monsters away from the tile if you can.

Updated “You Win!” and “Sorry!” menus

We’ve been meaning to jazz these up and finally got a chance.  They now have trumpets, crowns, sparkly stars, and a hoisted monster flag if you lose.  Don’t let the monsters into the castle!

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 3.06.05 PM.png

Bug Fixing & Polish

As usual, we’re also working on lots of tiny things to improve the overall quality of the game.  Here’s the full list of what’s been updated in this build:

  • Bug fix: Using the Kaboom potion to take out the last monsters doesn’t register as a victory
  • Bug fix: Spells with negative numbers don’t have the dash to signify that the number is negative, ie “-2” shows up as “2”
  • Bug fix: If you use the Move potion on a monster and it runs into the towers, the wrong tower will crumble down
  • Bug fix: Players can use the Move potion to move a monster onto a catapult
  • Bug fix: If players select-drag a spell before they’ve all loaded, the arrow remains on screen even if the player’s mouse button is up
  •  Players can now select around the top, bottom and right edges of the screen to deselect monsters

Let us know what you think of the new update!


The Little Worlds team

Welcome Gates, Volume Sliders, and Bug Fixes: Update 0.8.1

Our first major update on Steam Early Access is live.  If you haven't grabbed a copy of the game yet, check it out on Steam!  Here's what's new and updated in 0.8.1: 

Welcome Gates

Each of the five regions of the kingdom now has a welcome menu, which will pop up when you unlock the first castle in a new area. They'll show you anything new you've unlocked - for now this is just potions, but down the road we'll have some special monster types as well. 

Update Title Screen Menu with Volume Sliders

This has been one of our most requested updates! Click on the gear in the title screen to access this updated menu, where you can now use sliders to adjust the volume for the music and sound effects individually. 

Bug Fixing & Polish

Here's the full list of everything else that has been updated in this build: 

  • Lightning ball graphics and timing polish 
  • "Can't make a spell that big" error message now updated to tell you what the maximum spell is for that region 
  • Bug fix: Multiple menus could be opened at the same time 
  • Bug fix: Potions occasionally stacked on top of each other 
  • Bug fix: Potions didn't always properly rotate as they moved 
  • Bug fix: Players could recycle spells even after they won or lost the level, delaying the menu pop-up 
  • Bug fix: Potions could be used on spells, the spellbook, or other potions 
  • Bug fix: Catapults weren't being destroyed when the towers crumbled, and weren't moving through the open tower spaces properly

Let us know what you think of the updates in the forums! We have a very small team and we're working hard to make this game as amazing as we can - please help us out by leaving a review!