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“The Counting Kingdom is a relatively rare breed of learning game: It’s so successful at being a good game that your kids may not even realize they’re learning while playing it.”

"This is a game that's pushing all the right buttons"

Indie Statik

"The Counting Kingdom manages to deftly balance fun and learning."

The Daily Dot

"Absolutely recommended! Combining scrolls, using potions and adding monsters together is a blast."

Steam review

Math has never been such an adventure!  

Prepare for magic, monsters, and math in The Counting Kingdom! This award-winning addition adventure gets kids excited about math, encouraging learning while having fun.

Join the Wizard’s Apprentice on an adventure through the kingdom.  Monsters are attacking castles across the land.  Use your spells, potions, and the mighty power of mathematics to banish them and rescue the kingdom!

This puzzler features strategic tower defense gameplay and addition-based math challenges across an inviting and expansive world map.

  • Each monster has a number: add them together to cast your spells
  • Entertaining and educational, encouraging learning while having fun
  • Challenging tower defense gameplay, fun for gamers of any age
  • Addition aimed at kids ages 6-8 promotes strategy and family fun
  • 30 levels of gameplay in five distinct, colorful regions of the kingdom
  • Dynamically-generated game levels create high replay value
  • Serious gaming! This clever math game requires strategic thinking