Our Vision

Little Worlds Interactive is a Boston-based game development studio.  Our mission is to create educational games that kids want to play!  Our games are full of adventure, packed with fun gameplay, and brimming with beautiful graphics.  We believe that games are a powerful learning tool and build our games to engage kids deeply in the learning objectives through exciting and engaging mechanics.

We make learning games that kids are excited to play.


Who are we?

Jenna Hoffstein

Founder, Design & Development

Jenna founded Little Worlds Interactive in the summer of 2013 to make educational games full of fun and adventure.  Her background is in fine arts and game studies, and with her experience in both AAA and indie development she steers the Little Worlds ship and develops the games.

The Counting Kingdom Credits

Luigi Guatieri


Sam Cleggett


Brendan Wood


Jonas Friedman

Sound Effects

Emma Clarkson

Social Media Manager