Pi Day Sale

A very happy Pi Day to you!  Did you know that our celebration of pi this year is a special once-in-100-year occasion?  We celebrate Pi Day on 3/14 because those are the first three digits of pi - 3.14, but this year 3/14/15 will include the first five digits of pi - 3.1415.  In fact, at 9:26 and 53 seconds we will have the first 10 digits of pi - 3.141592653.  That's a lot of pi!

To celebrate this extra-special math holiday, PC & Mac version of The Counting Kingdom will be on sale for the weekend!  You can pick up the game on Steam or the Humble Store for just $3.14.

Jenna speaking at GDC

Founder Jenna Hoffstein will be attending and speaking next week at the Game Developer's Conference, the world's largest and longest-running event for game industry professionals.  If you're attending, please stop by the panel to hear Jenna speak about managing an indie team!  Here are the details:

Producer Panel: Managing Your Indie Team

Monday, March 2 at 3:00 - 4:00 pm

Room 2009, West Hall

Speakers: Kara Kono, Jenna Hoffstein, Aaron Isaksen, Alex Schwartz, Amy Dallas

Producing games in the indie world can be complicated. How do you create a schedule and keep on track with so many unknowns? How do you keep your team collaborating and aligned without an office space? How can you avoid burnout on a project that spans a very long time period? What project management tools and methods are most helpful in organizing your team? Join indie game producers Alex Schwartz, Amy Dallas, Jenna Hoffstein and Kara Kono as they discuss the unique challenges indie game producers face, and their methods for keeping their teams happy and productive.


Attendees will come away from the panel with an understanding of different approaches successful indie teams are using to best manage and organize their teams. They will learn strategies for coping with common indie team pitfalls such as burnout, lack of funding and never-ending schedules.