Optimization and Balancing: 0.8.3 Update

We have a brand new build to celebrate America's birthday today! It may not have eagles or fireworks or flags, but we think you'll enjoy it all the same. Here's what's new: 


This new build is smaller and faster. We pulled out unused scripts and images, reorganized our atlases, and reduced file sizes. The most noticeable part of this will be that the build size is now half what it used to be! 


In playtesting we were finding that the last regions in the game (the Polar Plains and Polygon Peak) were frying people's brains. We've reigned in the difficulty a bit there so that the game is more enjoyably challenging instead of brain-melting. The largest monster you'll come across is now 15 instead of 20. 

Monster Reordering

The monsters were put into the game before we even had a world map, so there was no real connection between what the monsters looked like and where they'd show up in the game. The monster order has been reshuffled a bit so that the region where you'll first encounter a monster makes more sense. 

We hope you enjoy the new updates! As always, please let us know if you have any thoughts or problems in the Steam forums

The Little Worlds Interactive team