A Wizard's Guide: Potions of the Counting Kingdom

As you travel from region to region across The Counting Kingdom, you'll unlock 8 different types of potions that you can use on monsters to defend the castles.  Here's a guide to the potions you'll encounter:

Plus 1 & Plus 2 Potions


You'll start the game with these two potions, but a wise wizard will find that they are helpful throughout the entire map!  If your spell is just a little bit bigger than you can cast, drop these onto monsters to add 1 or 2 to their number.

Minus 1 and Minus 2 Potions


You'll unlock these two potions in the Magical Meadows.  Combined with the Plus 1 and Plus 2 potions, you'll have many options for adjusting the monster's numbers to cast that perfect spell.

Move Potion

Sometimes finding neighboring monsters that add up to one of your spells can be tricky.  Use the Move Potions to move a monster one space in any direction (as long as there's open spot!)  You'll unlock this potion in the Sorcery Sea.

Zero Potion


You'll unlock the Zero Potion in the Wizard Woods, and it can be used to drop a monster's number to zero.  This can be extra helpful when you have a monster whose number is extra high (maybe it ran into a doubling tile!).  You can also use this potion to 'connect' two monsters - if you have a 10 spell and a 4, 5, and 6 monster next to each other, use the Zero Potion on the 5 monster so that you can now cast the spell on the 4, 0 and 6 monsters.

Freeze Potion


As our journey takes us to the Polar Plains you'll unlock the Freeze Potion.  Appropriate for the icy winds of this region, the Freeze Potion will freeze an entire row in place for two turns.  This can be helpful if you have a row that's getting dangerously close to the towers - you won't have to worry about them moving forward for a couple of turns!  It can also be helpful to prevent a monster from moving forward onto a doubling tile (for 2 turns at least!).  You can still cast spells and use potions on monsters that are frozen.

Kaboom Potion


Arguably the most powerful potion in the game, you'll unlock the Kaboom Potion at Polygon Peak.  This potion will take out an entire row of monsters!  Use it wisely since it's appearance is pretty rare - I like to wait until I have 3 or 4 monsters getting too close to a castle for my taste.

Those are the potions of The Counting Kingdom!  Which one is your favorite?