pixelkin interview with founder Jenna Hoffstein

We had a lovely surprise pop up in our newsfeed this morning!  Pixelkin published an article about The Counting Kingdom, featuring an interview with Founder Jenna Hoffstein.  Check out the full article to hear about how Jenna got into developing educational games, and what her philosophy is for making learning games that are fun!  I'll leave you with one of our favorite parts of the article:

In designing her first big project under the Little Worlds Interactive banner, Hoffstein set out to harness those inspiring feelings of grand adventure and epic kids-saving-the-day storybook fantasy and spin it into a very different kind of educational experience from what she found on the app store. That end result, The Counting Kingdom, successfully captured the unique storybook vibe while weaving in mathematics in a way that feels fun, exciting, and magical.
— Pixelkin