The Counting Kingdom at Boston Festival of Indie Games 2014

If you're in the Boston area, make sure you stop by the Boston Festival of Indie Games at MIT this Saturday!  The festival is a family-friendly event that celebrates independent game development in the New England Area, and includes a Digital Games Showcase, a Tabletop Games Showcase, as well as a number of fun talks and even an awards ceremony!

Stop by the Digital Games Showcase from 10-6 to say hi and play The Counting Kingdom, you can find us at table D04:

Little Worlds Interactive founder Jenna Hoffstein will also be speaking on two panels:

Early Access Panel: Get Involved with this Panel as it Develops

10:00 - 11:00 am, Theater (Stata 123)

A recent trend in game development is the concept of "Early Access," where developers distribute their games in an early state in order to gather community feedback and bring in some money to help fund development. Some see this model as controversial and an excuse for developers to release their games in an unfinished state; others see it as a chance to get involved in a game's development and watch it grow into a great product. This panel will follow a Q&A model, but instead of asking questions, the audience will be suggesting features and fixes to improve the panel. We will implement our favorites, which will likely result in silliness, but will also demonstrate, live, how the Early Access model is an iterative process in which both the developers and the community partake in order to make a better product.

The Next Generation: Making Games for Kids and Families

11:45 - 12:45 am, Classroom 1 (Stata 124)

Millennials who grew up playing games are now making games and having kids. Lets talk about games for kids: what there is, what there should be, and what there can be - with a little help from you! We are looking for developers and as many kids and parents as possible. Let’s talk game genre, educational basis, character types, diversity, and cost. If you’re a kid or parent who knows what games kids like, or a developer looking to crack the code on one of the biggest markets and make the gaming world better for the next generation, come join us!


Hope to see you there!