Bucket o' Changes: 0.9.1 Update

With the game feature complete we've been polishing things up, getting to all the little things that we didn't have time to revise before, and making sure the game is as bug-free as possible. Here's the list of what's new in this build: 

End of Game Cinematic 
After you've been kind enough to rescue the Kingdom, it's time to celebrate! I don't want to spoil the ending, but I can promise that it includes cake. 

If you've already finished the game, you can access this cinematic by clicking on the little gear button on the Title Screen, and selecting "End Story". This will be locked until you finish the game, so no peeking ahead! 

New Particle and Sound Effects 
Check out the new particle effects for the Kaboom potion, Freeze potion, and the crumbling towers. We also have new sounds for the Kaboom potion and Battering Rams. 

Tiny Changes 

  • Updated Credits screen 
  • The Kaboom potion now gives 200 points 
  • Players can now reset their save data from the title screen menu 
  • Players can now access both cinematics from the title screen menu

Bugs that have been fixed 

  • Players can click castles during the "You Rescued The Counting Kingdom" screen 
  • Monsters that are moved onto doubling tiles do not have their numbers doubled 
  • The spell effect doesn't show up for the armored monster the second time you cast a spell on it 
  • If you move a monster behind a battering ram it stops moving forward 
  • If you use a freeze potion and the battering rams come out during the next two turns, after the potion wears off that row of monsters doesn't move forward 
  • Players can use the Move potion, but then not click on any of the arrows 

    The game is very close to launching - we'll be announcing the official date tomorrow! If you find any bugs please let us know in the forums so that we can get those all squashed as quickly as possible! 

    Thanks as always, 
    Jenna and the LWI team