New Monsters Approach: 0.9.0 Update

This is our biggest update yet!  We have two new types of monsters that you'll be squaring off against in the later levels:

Armored Monster Counting Kingdom

The Armored Monster is protected by it's mighty cardboard box. The first spell you cast on it will tear the box to pieces revealing the monster underneath.  That means you'll need to cast a spell on this monster twice to completely clear it from the playing field!  You'll first encounter the Armored Monster in the Polar Plains.

The Magic Monster wields its own magical powers, but can only affect the monsters around it.  Every turn this monster will cast a spell on the monsters up, down, left and right of it, increasing their number by one.  The Magic Monster makes its appearance at the Polygon Peak, so you'll have plenty of spell-casting practice before you need to defend against it!

Other Updates:

  • Catapults are now battering rams.  This seemed to make more sense.
  • Flags on the world map now waft gently in the breeze.
  • Bug fix: When monsters were placed onto a Doubling Tile with the Move potion, their number wasn't doubled.


Let us know what you think of the new update in the Steam forums!

Thanks as always,

Jenna and the Little Worlds team