New Alpha Build of The Counting Kingdom: 0.7.2

After hopping from event to event this spring, we've finally had a chance to focus on updating the game!  0.7.2 has a few new and updated features, and lots of bug fixing and polish.  Sign up for Alpha Testing here if you haven't already!

Updated World Map

We've added some life to the world map - you'll see mist rising from the waterfall, water splashing against rocks in the harbor, and an occasional flock of birds.  We've also updated the particle effects that show for a new castle to something much more shiny!


Our amazing musician, Brendan Wood, has dropped off seven complete tracks for the game!  The title menu, world map, and all the regions now have their own music - let us know what you think!

Tap and Drag to Select

You can now select monsters multiple ways.  You can tap each monster individually, or tap one monster and drag your mouse over other monsters to select them as well.

Equation Panel

Sometimes kids make mistakes, and that's ok!  If a player makes a mistake a few times in a row, the game will drop down the Equation Panel.  The equation will dynamically update as players select and deselect monsters, and if a spell can be cast it will be highlighted.


Tutorial Revision

This isn't the first time we've revised the tutorial, and it won't be the last.  We've now reigned the tutorial in a little bit, so that you'll only see it in the first castle.  Jump on in and let us know what you think of the updates!

Bug Fixing

We've had our bug stomping boots on here at Little Worlds to ensure the game is running as smoothly as possible.  If you want all the details, here's the full list of everything that's been fixed:

  • Players can see blue background on the world map if they select a 16:10 or 16:9 screen resolution.
  • Players can apply a Freeze potion to a row that's already frozen.
  • Players can apply a Move potion to a monster that can't be moved, effectively forcing them to restart the level.
  • When adding spells, if the player clicks multiple times the graphic for the old spell doesn't always disappear properly.
  • Players can select monsters and then recycle a spell, resulting in a selected group of monsters that's not necessarily neighbors.
  • If player clicks on a monster or grid tile in the middle of casting a spell, it can deselect monsters that are currently having a spell cast on them.
  • Sometimes after adding spells together, player gets the "Can't make a spell that big" error when trying to recycle a spell