Welcome to Wizard Woods

Today we're exploring the third region in The Counting Kingdom - Wizard Woods!

After rescuing all the castles in the Sorcery Sea you'll be back on dry land and squaring off against more challenging groups of monsters.  You'll unlock a new potion to help you handle the greater difficult: the Zero potion!  You can drop this potion onto any monster to instantly change its number to zero.

You'll also encounter a new challenge deep in these woods - the Doubling Tile!  When a monster steps on top of a doubling tile the monster's number is automatically doubled.  This may not be so bad with a 2 monster, but it can get dangerous with the higher number monsters!

As you venture across this region of the kingdom you'll encounter two new monsters - 10 & 11.  You'll need your thinking cap to keep all these monsters away from the castle!

Check back later as we explore the next region in The Counting Kingdom!