The Counting Kingdom Update

It's hard to believe we're halfway through December already!  Recently we’ve been heads down here at Little Worlds Interactive, directing monsters, mixing magical ingredients, and exploring the furthest reaches of The Counting Kingdom.  I’m extremely excited to share some peeks into what we’ve been working on in the past month:

World Map

We set out to investigate the four corners of The Counting Kingdom, and the monsters are everywhere!  Work your way through 30 different levels across the five regions of the Kingdom.  Start with low-level monsters and spells but work up to truly challenging fights.

Higher level enemies

Say hello to the big baddies.  We have some newcomers to the fight - monsters now go all the way up to 20!  Don’t worry, you’ll earn more powerful spells to deal with them.

Odds and Ends

Saving! Pausing!  Credits screen!  We’ve added in all sorts of glamorous features like this that get the game up and running.


Keep an eye out for more detailed views of the regions of The Counting Kingdom, as well as profiles of some of the monsters you can expect to come across.