Top 5 Math Games for the iPad & iPhone: 2014

'Tis the season to spread holiday cheer, so we wanted to take some time to highlight other companies that are making amazing educational games.  Here are our five favorite math games for that were released for iOS this year (in no particular order):

DragonBox Elements

Ages: 9-11

This geometry game was inspired by Euclid's "Elements", one of the most influential works in the history of mathematics that describes the foundations of geometry.  Kids will work their way through geometry puzzles to build an army, climb up the tower and fight the monster!

Why we love it: Elements is a beautifully polished game that does a great job of progressing kids naturally through the concepts of geometry.

by We Want to Know

The Land of Venn - Geometric Defense

Ages: 6-8

This game also teaches geometry, but for a slightly younger age group.  The Land of Venn is a fast-paced tower defense game where kids will need to make points, lines and shapes to defeat the evil wizard Apeirogon and prevent the Bookkenriders (monsters) from drinking all the Magic Juice.

Why we love it: This game just oozes personality.  Kids (and adults!) will love the wacky characters!

by iMagine machine

Motion Math: Pizza!

Ages: 9-11

Kids will be able to create and run their own pizzeria in this math simulation game.  Players get a lesson in both math and economics, needing to please customers while calculating the right price for orders quickly enough!  (This game technically released in December of 2013, but I figured it was close enough to count for 2014.)

Why we love it: The context of running your own pizza shop is a fun motivator to get kids to practice their math, and also requires strategic thinking.

by Motion Math

Slice Fractions

Ages: 6-8

This game tackles the challenging subject of fractions, with kids slicing through ice to clearing a path for the wooly mammoth to cross the landscape.  Slice Fractions starts with the fundamentals, helping kids visualize parts of a whole and equal shares, then later progresses to fractions.

Why we love it: The difficulty curve is very well done, and it starts with the fundamentals in such a way that kids who haven't been exposed to fractions yet can still jump in and learn.  You also earn hats for your mammoth, which is just adorable.

by Ululab

Twelve a Dozen

Ages: 6-8 (ish)

Twelve a dozen is a beautiful 2d puzzle platformer.  Players take the role of Twelve who travels through the world of Dozenopolis to save her family, overcoming many math challenges and earning special abilities along the way.

Why we love it: This game sets an incredibly high quality bar for educational titles.  The beautiful graphics, charming narrator and engaging puzzles all come together to make a wonderful game.

by Bossa Studios

What were your favorite math games this year? Tell us in the comments!